Inception Workshops

Take part in one of the six workshops created to offer chances
for professional development through practical instruction. Participate in discussionsthat provide fresh insights, ideas, and
tools for delivering TVET effectively.

You have the option to choose In-Person or Online Workshop

Virtual Workshop

Tuesday, May 16, 2023

A. Assistive Technology for  "Inclusion" Responsiveness  in TVET
B. Cloud Computing for TVET Blended Praxis
C. Strategies for Flexible and Blended  TVET Praxis
D. Augmented Reality, using the  UVC’s Magic Leap technology.

Registration Fee: USD $35


Tuesday, May 16, 2023

E. Greening and TransformingTVET for more Resilient and Sustainable Economies’.
F. Wellness as Resilience: 

Empowering TVET

Leadership & Practitioners

Registration Fee: USD $100

* Rates in USD. Without Coffe-Break and Lunch

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